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Founded in 1987 Our partners hire us for our Ideas, Creativity and Originality. We respect our customers by offering professional friendly service. No Prima Dona's here! is a full service studio. From preliminary rough sketches to final color. Animation, 2d and 3d, logos. Creating new brand images and updating existing brands. Passion, vision, imagination and laser beam focus on what the client is looking for, is what sets us apart. If you want it done right and have no time to experiment. We will be there for you!

Award winning, designer, illustrator Francesco Santalucia of Santalucia Art inc. and his team have a client list that includes, Disney, DreamWorks, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, General Foods, Nabisco, Fisher Price, Merck, Toyota, Golf Digest, ESPN, Hasbro, Scholastic..

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