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Lectures are offered on several subjects. The lecture programme is presented with an entertaining, dynamic and effective delivery.Teaching the things that artist Francesco Santalucia would have loved to have known before and after entering the commercial art arena.

1.Modern commercial illustration This lecture consists of a 3 hour or 6 hour course explaining techniques used in commercial art today. How traditional fundamental art skills are used to Create today's commercial digital imagery using 2d and 3d applications. Step by step demonstrations. Question and answer period. Teachings based on modern, current workplace experiences.

2.Business of commercial Art. This lecture consists of a 3 hour or 6 hour course. Course will cover Marketing,Licensing,copyright,contracts,preparing a portfolio, and growing your business in the digital age. This course is for Digital and traditional artists in the feilds of Graphics,illustration and photography. This lecture tackles the challenges of starting and maintaining a successful commercial art business. The reasons why many fail and others succeed and prosper. Question and answer period. Teachings based on current workplace experiences.

3.Journey of a Commercial artist. This lecture consists of a 2 hour seminar. Powerpoint presentation of the Interesting path and experiences acquired in the past 23 years of working full time in the fast evolving world of commercial art. The mistakes made the obstacles overcome and the goals set for the future.

The lecturer is award winning Francesco Santalucia who has 23 years experience in commercial Illustration. Ranging from advertising, editorial, advertising, trade and multi media.

International Clients include Coca-Cola, Pepsi, General Foods, Nabisco, Fisher Price, Merck, Toyota, Golf Digest, ESPN, Hasbro, Scholastic etc.

Francesco has lectured as a professor of Illustration and Design at Dawson College Montreal, Quebec as well as St.Lawrence College ,Cornwall Ontario.Graduate of Dawson College Montreal, and Art Instruction School of Minneapolis.

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